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A podcast devoted to real producers with real problems involving real pigs. In this modern world its hard for a group of producers to meet at the local coffee shop and have meaningful conversations that solves their own problems. Well this podcast is changing that while taking down barriers to encompass producers from all over the world. Their creative solutions maybe just what your systems need. Please join us for some “Shop Chat”.



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Episode 6 – Ireland

About Us


Philip van den Brink


Willem J. Steyn

The Sunswine Group

Dr. Casey L. Bradley

Pig Progress

Vincent ter Beek

We are a group of professionals that have met along the way and became friends. No matter the country we are in or the last time we spoke, its like we are together again and it was only yesterday. We all have the passion for the swine industry and want to share our experience and perspectives to create an International Pig Producers Group.

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