Dr Casey Bradley

Swine nutrition technology expert Dr Casey Bradley is president of the Sunswine Group, based in Arkansas, United States. She used to be senior technical manager at DSM in North America, technical swine manager at Purina Animal Nutrition and AB Vista technical manager. She recently embarked on various new exciting online projects, the Real P3 being one of them.

Philip v.d. Brink

Philip van den Brink is a nutritionist from the Netherlands with many years in the swine business, currently in charge of the new company Nutrisign. He used to work for many years for Provimi (Cargill), after which he founded his own company Swinco, focused on swine nutrition. Since 2019 he started Nutrisign and got involved with the Real P3 podcast project. In the prologue podcast, he explains: “It is great to get something new started.”

Willem Steyn

Willem Steyn, born and raised in South Africa, started his career as a farm manager in a genetic multiplier farm. He spent various years travelling across the world, which made him interested in to see hands-on how farmers are doing it in different countries. Having returned to South Africa, he started his own company, called Swine Nutrition Management.

We are supporting a growing network of swine producers around the world.

The Real P3

Have you ever wondered how other pork producers are successful or how they overcome their problems? Well this podcast is just for you. We interview producers and support personnel from around the world all about pork production. We want to create an opportunity for pig producers to remove the barriers and connect with like minded professionals around the world….for our mission to feed the world.


Once a month the producers and our colleagues will write up an expert consultation from one of our episodes to give advice and help other producers overcome the same challenges and improve their operations.


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